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Self-Published Gems: “Presence Driven” by Paul Ellis Featured in Blue Ink Book List Magazine’s February Edition

Attention all book lovers and librarians! The February edition of Blue Ink Magazine features the self-published book, “Presence Driven” by Paul Ellis. Blue Ink Review, has recommended this book as one of their favorites for self-published titles. The company founded by Patti Thorn and Patricia Moosbrugger, delivers professional and unbiased reviews of self-published books written … Read more

Quantum Discovery Receives an Author Testimony from Kurt Dyer

Quantum Discovery Receives an Author Testimony: Solidifying Their Ground in Providing Quality Services

Quantum Discovery is a literacy agency offering quality services for authors who want to capacitate the potential of their books.  Highlighting our mission, we always want to emphasize the fullest potential of our authors. Create a haven of confidence for aspiring writers to deliver the prowess of their talents. Our growth as a service provider … Read more

Is Quantum Discovery a Scam?

In spite of criticism, Quantum Discovery has remained true to its author-supporting initiatives and objectives. Quantum Discovery is tenacious in delivering results—excellent results! Even though we’re halfway through 2022, Quantum Discovery continues to be embroiled in threads and conversations, branding the agency as a scam and one of the fraudulent publishing houses that successfully blackmail … Read more