Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace by Myles Hibbett

Unravel Mysteries in Myles Hibbett’s ‘Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace’ A tale of shocking revelations and altering fates Myles Hibbett was motivated to pen ‘Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace’ by his passion for fairy tales, with the intention of inspiring young readers to develop a similar appreciation for fantastical literature. Zephyr Spheres was inspired by … Read more

Self-Published Gems: “Presence Driven” by Paul Ellis Featured in Blue Ink Book List Magazine’s February Edition

Attention all book lovers and librarians! The February edition of Blue Ink Magazine features the self-published book, “Presence Driven” by Paul Ellis. Blue Ink Review, has recommended this book as one of their favorites for self-published titles. The company founded by Patti Thorn and Patricia Moosbrugger, delivers professional and unbiased reviews of self-published books written … Read more

What Exactly is an Indie Author?

What, exactly, does the term “independent author” refer to, and why does it appear that just about every single blog on the internet always makes reference to this term? Unfortunately, the authors have made the unfortunate assumption that you are already familiar with the term “indie author.” This is not the case. This blog will … Read more