Author Testimonial for Quantum Discovery: David Remer

In the immense expanse of imagination, there are stories begging to be written down. Perhaps they live in the caverns of a bright mind, waiting for a slight push—a spark of recognition, a chorus of support, or simply a genuine acknowledgment of their potential.

This is what Quantum Discovery is all about. As a literary agency, we appreciate the genius of words, cherish beautiful stories, and understand how to make them stand out. One of these stories is David Remer’s great masterpiece, “The D’arc Gate.”


“Let me tell you a little bit about Quantum Discovery, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my book. Thank God I did, but I got a call from my literary agent, Chris Anderson, and he was very patient with me, and he encouraged me to finish my book.”

When Quantum Discovery claims to have the expertise to elevate stories such as The D’arc Gate, we mean it. We provide storytellers with everything they need to make their tales not just read, but genuinely appreciated.


“Once I got it done, I had some help with editing. I did a lot of it myself because I’m kind of anal, but they really helped a lot with the editing and the formatting. I supplied them with what I wanted for a cover. I did a lot of the artwork, too, but they are willing to do all that for you. They do all of it. And they did a great job of setting up the cover. I feel it’s a fantastically well-done job.”

Novels with riveting plots, such as The D’arc Gate, are something we seek out often. Our passion lies in spotlighting exceptional storytellers like David Remer and ensuring their contributions to the literary world receive the appropriate recognition. We will stop at nothing to help them reach their loftiest goals.


“My experience with Quantum has been very positive. They’ve been very helpful. And this book wouldn’t have happened without their help. So thank God they called me and we got this project done together.”

At Quantum Discovery, we are committed to more than just publishing and marketing; we work to create a unique experience that values and empowers storytellers.

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