Rick Hutchins: Author Testimonial

The fundamental objective of a literary agency is to assist the authors represented by the agency in having their novels published. However, because not everyone is capable of seeing the potential that is right in front of them, many aspiring authors fall behind.

The comments and suggestions made by our customers are the driving force behind the expansion of our service provider business. As our authors make their way through the publishing process alongside us, it is an incredible privilege to hear their personal testimony.

The Quantum Literary Agency will never stop believing in those outstanding writers who are also driven to achieve their goals. We respect our authors and the works that they have written, and we do so by catering to their every service requirement and desire. 

Receiving testimonials from them is an honor, regardless of whether or not the testimonials are positive. We welcome any and all feedback because it illuminates both the areas in which we excel—and on which we should congratulate ourselves—and those in which we might improve.

“It’s been great to me at this moment. My project manager has been great for me, for keeping me up to date on everything…”

We have faith in the tales that are told by the authors that collaborate with us. We want them to be able to share their tales, therefore we provide them with high-quality services and walk them through the publication process step by step. We want them to be able to tell their stories.

Quantum Discovery is dedicated to the growth of both the company as a whole and the careers of the writers whose work we publish, and we will never stop our efforts in either of these areas. We are a well-respected literary agency, and one of our primary missions is to use the services that we offer to make a significant contribution to the lives of authors who are putting in a lot of effort to achieve their goals in this business.

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