Self-Published Gems: “Presence Driven” by Paul Ellis Featured in Blue Ink Book List Magazine’s February Edition

Attention all book lovers and librarians! The February edition of Blue Ink Magazine features the self-published book, “Presence Driven” by Paul Ellis. Blue Ink Review, has recommended this book as one of their favorites for self-published titles. The company founded by Patti Thorn and Patricia Moosbrugger, delivers professional and unbiased reviews of self-published books written by critics from major mainstream publications and editors from prominent publishing houses.


Reverend Ellis challenges Christians to live not only purpose-driven but “presence-driven” lives to reach the full potential of their calling. Drawing from the lives of Bible greats like Adam, Jonah, King David, Esther, and more, Ellis teaches the importance of having the presence of God in our lives: “You can have purpose without presence, but you cannot have presence without purpose.”

Using the Bible as his only source, Ellis works his way through some of its most well-known stories, paraphrasing, embellishing, and modernizing archaic characters to help readers connect with his message. For example, Ellis writes of King David: “The Drifters were playing their song ‘Up on the Roof’ on David’s radio as though they were welcoming him to this rooftop encounter.” Beautifully written and smart, Ellis’ book touches the hearts of believers and challenges them to seek more than just purpose. Christians interested in living life to its fullest, leaving a legacy, and making a difference in the world will find Ellis’ teachings fresh and inspiring.”

Blue Ink Magazine, February Edition


In “Presence Driven,” author Paul Ellis explores the connection between purpose and the presence of God, and how this connection is necessary for fulfilling our calling in Christ and leaving a lasting legacy that inspires others.


“Writer Ellis brings together stories and history from the Holy Bible and recollections from his personal experience to demonstrate that, though all lives have a purpose, higher goals will not be accomplished without the presence of God.”



The book, which belongs to the religious and inspirational genre, was inspired by a divine revelation during a time of prayer. The cover features a picture of the entrance into King Solomon’s temple, with the light shining from within representing the presence and glory of God.


“The author did an admirable and incredible job of conveying the importance and passion of this topic to his readers.”

Pacific Book Review


Ellis hopes readers will find value in the importance of pursuing the presence of God and connecting it with their purpose. He writes, “Without my presence, your purpose has no reason.”

The author draws on Bible stories to show the unfavorable consequences of pursuing purpose without presence, and the positive outcomes that come from the union of purpose and presence. He also explores the idea that faith is the key to retaining the connection between presence and purpose.

Ellis dedicates “Presence Driven” to those who are in passionate pursuit of the presence of God.


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