How Judi K Eternalized Family History with Quantum Discovery

Words can outlive us. They can remain on the face of the earth for more than hundreds of years and be passed on to many generations. It is for this reason that most writers, if not all, write. The written word is an attempt to leave a legacy and publishing your book holds up that promise.

For a superwoman like Judi K, author of Savvy Me… NOT, it was not an easy journey. She was busy dedicating herself to motherhood and her family, and while she enjoyed doing so, deep down, she knew she wanted to write. So, she wrote her and her family’s stories in her book.

“I never thought I’d be able to hold my own book. This is my first publication and … it’s so thrilling. It’s turned out great and beautiful and it looks like it’s gonna be a real success. I’m just very, very happy with Alex Morgan and the whole team at Quantum [Discovery], including, of course, my agent Kay Porter.”

Publishing her book late in life was a pleasant surprise, and she attributes finding Quantum Discovery as a great help in being able to pursue. Through her book, she hopes that readers, young and old, start what their hearts have always been burning for.

“[I] hope other people can have this experience too. … to write your life down, you know, a little bit by bit, just a story at a time. Pretty soon, it takes hold of … a real story and becomes part of your family history.”

It is exciting even to us at Quantum Discovery to see authors’ lives and imaginings take form that do not just occupy a space on a shelf but also in people’s lives. This is why we are proud to work with Judi K and produce a family keepsake that she hopes her “kids’ kids’ kids” will learn from. Through Savvy Me… NOT, she also connected with many of her readers who wrote her about how much they related to her experiences.

Quantum Discovery welcomes writers who want to put their works out there. Through our services and commitment, we ensure the satisfaction of our authors and those who will stumble upon their works. It is never too late to start anything; take a shot by reaching out today!

Watch Judi K’s full testimonial here: (3) Author Testimonial: Judi K (Savvy Me… NOT) – YouTube

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