Who Are We?

Quantum Discovery was started out of frustration by a group of professionals eager to help authors achieve their dreams at a fair price while allowing them to earn a good return on their investment as well as gain control of their books. We focus on providing customer service and quality services. Our business follows one simple rule: tell people the truth and do what we say we’ll do.

We’re willing to answer all your queries while trying to help you understand the ins and outs of self-publishing before you sign an agreement or pay for the services. We strive to assist you in positioning your book for success, including world-class exterior and interior design, seamless distribution, innovative marketing tools, constant online sales, and excellent customer support.

Many of our authors published their first book with a different company but wound up frustrated with poor quality, poor service, low royalties, and expensive rates. Now, with us, they are treated as professionals and are valued for their hard work. They are also free to do whatever they want with their book with our guidance and support, publishing the book of their desire. And when those authors are satisfied and pleased with the result, they come back to Quantum Discovery to publish their next book!

Time and again, we’re reminded what a chaotic concrete jungle it is out there and what a rare company we are. Like you, we were writers first, and it shows.

Bringing the author’s book to its highest potential.

Quantum Discovery is a literary agency situated in San Diego, California, that has literary agents who are passionate and dedicated to assisting aspiring and self-published authors in their publishing journey. We are tenacious in delivering results—excellent results! ​

To underscore the full potential of writers and foster a community where aspiring authors feel encouraged to showcase their talents, we present our core mission: to ensure your stories and books reach the appropriate audience. Our dedicated literary agents, responsible for overseeing sales, contracts, production, and publication, are committed to securing the best possible deals for you. This synergy between writers and our team ensures no talent goes unnoticed and every story finds its rightful place.