Author Testimonial: Rhonda Colia

Quantum Discovery has our daily discoveries of talents, and we want to cherish those talents to help them become successful individuals. With that being said, we do our very best to provide the best services that the authors need for their book publication. 

Hi. I’m Rhonda Colia and I’m excited to tell you about my latest book release, called The Lottery Murders… Dead Giveaways. I based this novel on facts but tell the story in a suspenseful and entertaining way. This book is close to my heart because exposes a little-known insurance product, called a Straight Life annuity which comes as a real shock for those who I don’t know how it works. It gives the largest monthly payment, but when an annuitant dies there are no beneficiaries! The insurance company legally keeps all the remaining money, regardless of how much it is.

In the story, seven insurance companies form a conspiracy to remain solvent by murdering lottery winners who chose the security of regular payments. Their murders add up to millions of dollars for the insurance companies. The murders seem to happen by accidents or natural causes and evaded suspicion until one widow has proof that her husband’s gruesome death wasn’t an accident. The story is filled with twists and turns, villains, and heroes, and stay tuned for the sequel. Get your copy today at

Now, I’d like to take a moment to thank my amazing project manager with Quantum Discovery Literary Agency. I love working with him and the Quantum team because they are efficient, and quickly return my emails and phone calls. On the rare occasion when he will be out of the office, he tells me where I can reach him if there’s an emergency. 

They deliver on their word. My projects have always been ready when he says they will be. Him and his team constantly go the extra mile to meet deadlines. Their editing team is top-notch. I’m writing five more books and plan to publish with Quantum Discovery Literary Agency.

Honestly, the testimonials and feedback we receive from the authors are heartwarming and boosts our spirits to grow into an even better literary agency. So, for all those comments, messages, questions and testimonials we receive from them are deeply appreciated.

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