Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace by Myles Hibbett

Unravel Mysteries in Myles Hibbett’s ‘Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace’

A tale of shocking revelations and altering fates

Myles Hibbett was motivated to pen ‘Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace’ by his passion for fairy tales, with the intention of inspiring young readers to develop a similar appreciation for fantastical literature.

Zephyr Spheres was inspired by Myles’ observation that young women need to be encouraged by stories in which strong female protagonists experience danger, learn the value of love, and ultimately triumph over evil.

Now that Crystotopia has been made secure enough, Zephyr can go back to Danus. The warring kingdoms and the evil alliance, the Dark Forces, are in talks to end hostilities. However, Zephyr’s marriage to a prince is part of the negotiations.

Once Zephyr receives a peculiar necklace, everything goes wrong. Zephyr and her companions are ambushed on their way to the kingdom of Sandus and are forced to take refuge in the icy realm of Glacionus. There, Zephyr discovers a secret about Cor that could alter Danus’s history and the shocking mystery behind her necklace.

‘Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace’ is a thrilling tale of solving mysteries and uncovering long lost secrets that will alter lives forever. 

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About the Author

Myles B. Hibbett was born on February 5, 1983 and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an avid fan and reader of children’s fantasy. Also, Myles has been inspired to write by a love of fairy tales, and he hopes to influence children to share the same love of fairytales and fantasy that he does. Myles was guided to create Zephyr Spheres by the need for girls to be motivated by female heroines-heroes, who encounter adventure, discover the power of love, and who ultimately triumph over evil. Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace is the third of five books in the Zephyr Spheres series after Zephyr Spheres and the Sword of Wonders and Zephyr Spheres and the Lost Spell. The next set of Zephyr’s endeavors will be Zephyr Spheres and the Silver Unicorn and Zephyr Spheres and the Crystal Labyrinth.


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