Penned, Published and Featured on NYT!

In addition to its reputation as a premier daily newspaper, The New York Times has long been associated with the highest levels of literary prestige and honor. The New York Times is a dream for any author who wants their name and work acknowledged.

Here’s some news: a number of works written by some of our authors here at Quantum Discovery have recently been highlighted in the New York Times Book Review!

When we say highlighted, we aren’t joking. Their names and works are featured in the February 25, 2024 edition of The New York Times Book Review. Let me present to you these incredible masterpieces and their storytellers.

The Mouse’s Tails” by I. Santisi

We’ve all heard tales of how life in Sin City is full of excitement and adventure—how a weekend spent in Las Vegas could be such a cloud-nine experience! But what happens in Vegas doesn’t remain in Vegas when it comes to this book.

I. Santisi’s witty and humorous writing shines through in this narrative as she delves into Las Vegas history from the tiny—literally, tiny—perspective of a mouse—indeed, a fun take on the city’s unique charm.

While this mouse-venture story is still awaiting its release, it’s a promising read that all bookworms should anticipate!

Fractured Time” and “Space Frontiers: The Eye of Icarus” by Michael D’Ambrosio

Welcome to Michael D’Ambrosio’s captivating world—a perfect title for his collection of books. 

Michael D’Ambrosio is incredibly skilled in the realm of science fiction writing. His books are bound to captivate space enthusiasts, transporting them to the endless expanse of the cosmos through engaging storylines and unexpected twists.

Fractured Time and Space Frontiers: The Eye of Icarus are just the initial installments of their own trilogies—a nod to D’Ambrosio’s boundless creativity.

The Medical Project” and “Self Help and Mental Health Tough Path to Wellness Our Story” by Nicholas Licausi

Nicholas Licausi’s books are like a personal journey of self-discovery. He narrates his own experiences with such honesty and grace that the readers are bound to feel a connection with his stories.

 The themes of pain, healing, and growth are not just mere words in his books; they are emotions that he pours into his writing. The stories are heartbreaking yet offer a sense of comfort and hope for the readers.

 Licausi’s writing style is like a guiding light that can be cherished by readers of all ages. He has the ability to express complex emotions in simple words, making his books true works of art.

We are the Wackadoodle's” by T.A. Duggan

“We are the Wackadoodle’s” is a series tailored for children, empowering them to navigate childhood challenges with courage and understanding. The book’s author, T.A. Duggan, is a nurse, and she uses straightforward, interesting language that appeals to young readers.

In “Welcome to Our Blended Family,” the first installment, the series introduces the concept of evolving family structures. Following this, “It’s Nice to Be Kind” addresses the impact of bullying and offers practical solutions for children to handle such situations.

T.A. Duggan’s creations aren’t just a series; they’re a doorway to a magical realm where learning and fun intertwine, empowering children along the way.

What Does This Say for Quantum Discovery?

At Quantum Discovery, we are proud to have achieved our mission of delivering sincere and committed service to our author clients.

Each of the books mentioned above represents our commitment to honesty and integrity as a publishing firm and book promoter, which proves that Quantum Discovery is NOT a scam!


Fellow storytellers, keep writing your stories and let Quantum Discovery help you with publishing. With your creativity and the best of our abilities, your book could potentially be our next NYT-featured book!

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