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Believement: Breaking through the Belief Barrier

What Separates Belief from Unbelief…? Believers and Unbelievers appear to approach philosophical and spiritual discussions as debates—complete with their own individual language that, when used, creates a defensive position—a belief barrier—to be overcome before any meaningful exploration of truth can begin. Believers in God tend to begin religious discussions with a “How can you not … Read more

War of the Lost Song: The Ruach Saga Companion Volume

“Once more the lights quiver, then darkness rules us all.” After the cataclysmic Blanking, what remains of the population of the former United States enters a chaotic struggle for survival. Elements of the remnants migrate to a hostile wilderness area that offers scant resources. Social order has broken down, and every individual must fend for … Read more

Thunder Buffalo Goes Home

Ever wonder what a Buffalo dreams of? Thunder is the biggest and noisiest of all the buffalo. But his heart is just as big and he has heard of a new place that he knows he must find…   -Home   Follow the adventures of Thunder, Old-Old Buffalo, the Man Animal and discover with them, … Read more

The Singularity: The Ruach Saga Volume One-Second Edition

The Unexplainable is happening. V4641, a miniquasar at the center of our galaxy has begun to affect Planet Earth and the rest of our solar system in inexplicable ways. In trying to determine how such a thing could happen, Danny Adamson, a physicist turned science editor for N.H.Q. Broadcast Services has discovered not only an … Read more

The Book of Seconds: The Ruach Saga Volume Two – Second Edition

The Book of Seconds, volume two of the acclaimed Ruach Saga, is a collection of histories and diaries discovered in the aftermath of the worldwide holocaust resulting from the Gathering-Up, when Christians vanished from Earth. What if technology vanished and individuals, even entire populations, across the planet had to relearn how to depend on one … Read more

Bronzeman: The Ruach Saga Volume Three-Second Edition

Bronzeman is volume three of the acclaimed Ruach Saga. As cataclysmic changes in the physical world devastate what is left of mankind, a spiritual awakening pits societies and clans against one another. Who will prevail? Who is right? Who will define the morals and future faith of the planet’s population? The answers are discovered and … Read more