Believement: Breaking through the Belief Barrier


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What Separates Belief from Unbelief…?

Believers and Unbelievers appear to approach philosophical and spiritual discussions as debates—complete with their own individual language that, when used, creates a defensive position—a belief barrier—to be overcome before any meaningful exploration of truth can begin.

Believers in God tend to begin religious discussions with a “How can you not see it my way?” mindset.
Unbelievers of God tend to approach such discussions with a “How can you believe the way you do?” mindset.

This book is simply a conversation between two such people. It is not designed to prove one side right or wrong but merely to provoke conversation. Without dialogue, there cannot be a deeper exploration of self in comparison to others. Without interaction, there cannot be a relationship at all.

My hope is that Believement—Breaking through the Belief Barrier inspires you to ask yourself what we all have difficulty understanding of others…

“What is my deepest belief—what do I live for above all else?”

May your quest for Believement begin here!

Mark A. Cornelius has authored numerous books, musicals, video productions, and a journal ministry.

His works include the popular fiction novel titled The Singularity, also published by Tate Publishing Enterprises.

Mark’s other books and insights can be obtained on his website at


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