‘War of the Lost Song’ by Mark A. Cornelius

‘War of the Lost Song’ by Mark A. Cornelius Depicts a Struggle for Survival in an Unforgiving Setting

Surviving the ravages of a brutal power struggle


‘War of the Last Song,’ a stretch novel by Mark A. Cornelius, is an intriguing story that follows a timeline similar to his previous work, The Ruach Saga trilogy The Singularity, The Book of Seconds, and Bronzeman. Cornelius, writing from the perspective of individuals who have difficulty recognizing any spiritual component at work in the tragedy, portrays an entirely different vision of the End Times in these pages.

The survivors of the catastrophic Blanking are thrust into a desperate battle for existence. A portion of the survivors flee to a desolate wilderness location with few amenities. There is total anarchy, and everyone’s on their own to survive. Is it more likely that humanity will rise to the challenge and prevail over its difficulty, or that things will take a darker turn?

Attempting to assert dominance over the hostile environment, two groups of people—one composed of men and the other of women—emerge and immediately begin fighting amongst themselves. In their journals, Ilona, the daughter of a warrior queen, and Teagan, a first-time politician from the District of Columbia, described the growing tensions between the sexes from their unique perspectives. Ultimately, they have to face each other after struggling and adjusting to the radical disruption of their social and physical norms. 

Their divergent perspectives on life amid the harsh reality of this societal chasm provide a striking parallel to the shifting paradigms of our era.

Break through a brutal power struggle as you join the war of who is superior and who should surrender.

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Mark A. Cornelius has authored numerous books, video productions, a journal ministry, musicals, and podcast series.

His works include RUT Management-Discovering Adventure in the Routine of Life, Bereavement-Breaking Through the Belief Barrier, Welfare Christianity, Thunder Buffalo Goes Home, Tomorrow’s Bread, Marginalized, UnMeasuring-What if we are ALL Wrong? and the popular fiction series The Ruach Saga (including The Singularity, The Book of Seconds, Bronzeman, and War of the Lost Song).


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