The Singularity: The Ruach Saga Volume One-Second Edition


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The Unexplainable is happening.

V4641, a miniquasar at the center of our galaxy has begun to affect Planet Earth and the rest of our solar system in inexplicable ways. In trying to determine how such a thing could happen, Danny Adamson, a physicist turned science editor for N.H.Q. Broadcast Services has discovered not only an inconceivable connection between Earth and V4641 but also a critical miscalculation in understanding the universe’s creation. This error, when corrected, suggests that our planet’s stability and the longevity of the human race may be grossly over-estimated.

Mark A. Cornelius has authored numerous books, video productions, a journal ministry, musicals, and several podcast series.

His works include RUT┬áManagement-Discovering Adventure in the Routine of Life, Believement-Breaking Through the Belief Barrier, Welfare Christianity, Thunder Buffalo Goes Home, Tomorrow’s Bread, Marginalized, UnMeasuring-What if we are ALL Wrong? and the popular fiction series The Ruach Saga (including The Singularity, The Book of Seconds, Bronzeman, and War of the Lost Song).

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