What is A Writing Process?

The writing process refers to the subconscious, and aware creativity and the activity described structurally in most writing textbooks. Sometimes, this method is viewed as a direct one, resulting in a well-written product when followed precisely.

Even though some writers write in this manner, the majority develop their idea generation methods and writing primarily based on their own experiences of what works for them.

Writing Process

The writing process is a set of mental and physical acts that individuals engage in while creating some document. It is a highly individualized and task-specific process; they often include other types of tasks not typically associated with writing (drawing, reading, browsing, talking, etc.).

Writing Process: Stages

Stage 1: Prewriting

Prewriting is the planning phase of the writer. In this stage, the writer will brainstorm all ideas, conduct research, and create an outline. Writers can opt to create diagrams to map out their thoughts coherently. Also, the writer should ponder the purpose and target audience to identify how it will be delivered.

Prewriting mainly deals with:

  • What the writer wants to write about.
  • What the writer expects and feels about the subject matter.
  • How the writer will approach the subject matter.
  • The notes and materials that the writer will need.
  • The target audience that the writer wishes to reach.

Stage 2: Draft

The writer will write the initial composition of the narrative or story. In this stage, the writer will not focus on the grammatical errors, and they should not continuously edit while writing. They should mainly focus on delivering the message they want to be conveyed.

Stage 3: Revision

In this stage, the writer will review, reorganize and modify the draft by adding, deleting, or rearranging the content and making the overall tone, content, and style appropriate for the target audience. This stage aims to strengthen the draft.

Stage 4: Edit/ Proofread

In this stage, the writer may edit or have a professional edit the final draft of your story. The editor will proofread and correct the grammar errors, and writing mechanics. They will also improve the clarity and writing style of the story. The writer may also opt to have a writer’s feedback.

Stage 5: Publish

This is the last stage of the writing process; the writer may opt to have a printed or eBook version of their book or written story. Writers can choose between hybrid publishing, and traditional or self-published books.

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