4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Book Publicists

Employing book publicists is a necessary reality for first-time authors and writers or for those who do not have any established sphere of influence. Finding the appropriate book publicists takes time that tests one patience- one who is sensitive to your concerns and committed to maximizing your book’s exposure.

What to do Before Hiring Book Publicists?

Book promotion that must be honed. It is an absolute necessity to ascertain a book publicist’s ability. Nonetheless, some writers overlook the level of expertise when required when hiring book publicists. This is because they did not inquire about the company and obtain detailed information about the services offered.

The following are critical questions that you as a writer should ask before hiring a book publicist:

1. What is the web address of your agency’s website, or on which digital platforms are you presently using?

The website of a business contains detailed information that book publicists frequently overlook over the phone call. Additionally, poring over the website’s content gives you a sense of whether they can effectively publicize your material. Furthermore, there are blogs on the website of a book publicity agency that can assist you with the fundamentals of book marketing.

Examining their social media profiles enables you to determine their agency’s popularity, and following their social media account keeps you informed. If there are bonus offers or new efficient services, being aware of them saves you money.

2. What are my book’s service options?

Because they are experts in this field, inquire about the optimal package for your book. Apart from requesting their recommendations, remember to inquire as to why. This enables you to gain a more in-depth understanding of the service. Make a note of the alternatives for comparison purposes, especially if you find them prohibitively expensive.

3. How frequently is communication conducted?

Numerous writers feel duped by book publicists who fail to keep them informed. Frequent communication with the project coordinators enables you to monitor the progress of the publicity. Information (results, upcoming events/activities, innovative recommendations) are all things you should be aware of as a writer daily. You paid for the service, and you have every right to be informed about its status.

4. Who is involved in the service purchase process?

During the period of book publicity, you have every right to know who your partners are. Certain writers are picky and prefer to work with a book publicist of their choosing. After that, the book publicity management assigns a team of competent individuals to handle the book’s publicity efficiently.

Being immediately connected with the best book publicity company sounds far-fetched. Nonetheless, this is not impossible. However, having a list of them enables you to compare which services are most appropriate for your book’s genre. Probing questions are the most effective way to determine which is which. The questions outlined above are among the prerequisites for hiring book publicists. Please make a note of them and refer them as you conduct business with various book publicity firms.

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