May 2021

5 Real-Life Lessons About Writing

Writing will teach you many things about life, but what’s especially amazing about it is that it prepares you for how to live. More insights into the art of writing will assist us in our daily lives. By studying writers we admire, we may deduce information about creativity, motivation, and personal development. 1. Individuality Individuality … Read more

What is a Movie Screenplay?

Unlike other writeups, a movie screenplay requires creativity and coherence in the story’s descriptions, which imposes a challenge on a writer. Movie Screenplay It is a script that television producers can use as a medium of assessing if an adaptation of your book is worth producing. Having a professional make a screenplay, Hollywood will know … Read more

What is a Movie Treatment?

Movie treatment is a document that provides a thorough guide that outlines how the screenwriter would adapt your book into a developed screenplay. It is the first process of drafting a movie screenplay. Treatment ensures that the author and the screenwriter are on the same page regarding the flow of the story. It is mainly in … Read more

What is Hybrid Publishing?

Hybrid publishing is a combination of the elements of traditional and self-publishing. Most of its features are similar to traditional publishing. The main difference is that they will subsidize the charges for publishing and no advance payment for the royalty. Like traditional publishing, hybrid publishing has teams in charge of editing, designing, and marketing. The … Read more