What is a Movie Treatment?

Movie treatment, also known as film treatment, or merely called a treatment. It is a document that provides a thorough guide that outlines how the screenwriter would adapt your book into a developed screenplay.

It is considered the first process in drafting a movie screenplay. It ensures that the author and the screenwriter are on the same page regarding the flow of the story. It is written mainly in prose, present tense and emphasizes the crucial information of the movie.

Importance of Movie Treatment

Movie treatment lays out the structure of the story of the author. It helps writers flesh- out the characters and to identify the importance of each character. It also helps in identifying the missing parts and plot holes of the story.

Also, to prevent the creative energy of the writer from being wasted. To evaluate the value of the story, whether the idea is worth investing in by producers and studio executives.

Elements of Movie Treatment

  1. Title
  2. Logline. Brief description of the premise of the story.
  3. Summary of the Plot.
  4. Key Characters. Description and breakdown of the characters. There should be an inclusion of their arch and development in the story.

Length of Movie Treatment

Writing of a movie treatment is entirely dependent on the writer’s side. The writer may opt to write about a single page or either more than fifty pages. However, to keep the interest of the possible investors keep the number of pages about two to five pages will do great.

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