Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Are you having trouble choosing self-publishing or traditional publishing?

Knowing the difference between the two can help considerably in what you will prefer between the two. There are tons of debates on these issues. Some say that traditional publishing is much better or self-publishing should be the one. Whatever the case is, each has its pros and cons. You need to outweigh what you would prefer best.

What is self-publishing?

In self-publishing, as derived from the name itself, the author itself will be the one overseeing all the duties needed in publishing a book. It includes book editing and book design up to book marketing. There is no involvement by an established publisher, and the author has full ownership of the royalties and rights.

However, as authors are not experienced in other fields of publishing a book, this is where self-publishing companies come in. They are the ones responsible for helping you achieve your publishing goals. They can offer book editing, book marketing, book designing, etc.

What is Traditional Publishing?

Traditional book publishing offers the author a contract and in return, publishes the author’s book. They publish it and sell the author’s book through retailers and booksellers. With this in mind, they will have the royalties and right to your book. They will be the ones involved in the overall publishing of your book.

As the author chooses what you would prefer best, both self-publishing and traditional publishing have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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