What to Include in a Book Press Release?

What to Include in a Book Press Release?

A press release is a condensed document that highlights the essential aspects of your message.

When used effectively, a press release can attract the attention of media outlets and provide them with talking points about your book, both of which are wonderful for promoting your work. If you can write a compelling press release, you can get free publicity.


The headlines of any news release should convey the primary message. Your headline, like the titles of books, should be carefully chosen. Since the headline of a press release is a critical aspect of its effectiveness as a marketing tool for a book, it is essential that it attract the attention of both readers and journalists.

The goal is to produce a headline that makes the reader want to keep reading. This could be accomplished by, for example, raising eyebrows with a startling assertion or playing on people’s fears.


That’s up to you. A subheading may or may not be included in a news release. If a subheading might be beneficial to your book press release, make sure it expands on the headline rather than repeating it.

Subheadings can be used to spice up your press release and give it some much-needed structure. Although the subheading and the main heading of a news release should be similar in spirit, they should not include the exact words or phrases. Bear in mind that subheadings are an “addition” and not a The heading is being paraphrased.


After the headline, this is the most crucial part of your book’s press release. Consider beginning with a line that will grab people’s attention and get them interested in the book you’re marketing, perhaps by using a provocative statement or an emotionally compelling sentence.

The introduction is where you need to really sell the press release and the book to the reader. When writing a press release, this is the point where you want your readers to be completely immersed in the content.

Author Quotation

This could be anything that piques your curiosity, fascinates you, or moves you to tears. Refrain from settling for anything bland, vanilla, or dry. If you need help thinking of something pertinent, it’s best to skip this section altogether.

Any author quotation used in a book publicity campaign must also be appropriate. Suppose the book is intended for young readers, for example. In that case, it should avoid making any statements that could be construed as harmful to children. Your book’s press release should read smoothly as a whole.

A Brief Biography of the Author

Despite the necessity for brevity and accuracy, this need not be dull. Think of saying specific things in unusual ways. Making a journalist laugh will go a long way toward gaining their favor and highlighting your book.

Call to Action

Avoid squandering the chance! Perhaps you’re hoping to draw attention to your author page, a book launch, or other author-related events and activities. Determine your end goal precisely.

Effective calls to action are unambiguous in their instructions and convey a sense of urgency. Use only one call to action and make it as straightforward and precise as you can.

A well-executed press release can significantly impact an author’s bottom line. For this reason, it’s crucial to give careful consideration to each aspect of writing a press release before sending it out. Writing a press release is just as crucial to a writer’s success as writing the book itself.

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