How to Write a Good Press Release Headline?

As a marketer, writing a good press release is crucial. How your press release is written will determine whether what you write or market is worth people’s time. A good press release is a solid weapon for battle media, especially when most people prefer to acquire news online. 


A lot of questions come to your mind when writing a press release. Every part of it is essential and must be well thought out. The most crucial part of learning how to create a press release is the headline. It’s what a journalist needs to know to care about your story and want to write about it.

Plenty of people have a hard time with the headline because it is what is seen first. It is the first impression to people so writing the headline is crucial. 



Journalists will only read further if your title piques their interest. Keep in mind that the folks you’re pitching to are flooded with press releases. They have their hands full with all the things that they need to do and read. 

They would not have the time to read your work throughout if the headline does not intrigue them because it is the whole point of the press release; to catch the attention of people and interest them in your work. So, why should they read your press release? 


The headline is the summary of your press release, so it should convey the message you want to share with the people.  

A press release is about sharing your message. It makes people want to know better, and the headline is the doorway to that message. 

The headline shows what the message is about, and the people will indeed read through it if they like your headline or the message of your headline. 


A press release is a very crucial marketing tool, and it can also be a double-edged sword that can backfire on you the time you make even the most minor mistake you’ll know. 

If the topic is very sensitive, it should be generalized in order to keep a balanced idea of the topic and prevent it from being biased. 

It’s easy to backfire in this type of writing because there are a lot of people that will read your work. So to avoid getting negative feedback, it is essential to keep your writing in general. 

Press Release is a marketing tool that can help skyrocket a lot of things like a book press release. It can help a book get a lot of attention from people and create a massive audience from it.                                                

However, every aspect must be well thought out because every detail can affect your press release, especially your headline. The headline is the first and might be the last thing that a person will read, depending on your writing. 

It is challenging, of course. A press release headline can sometimes take a person a few hours to create because the headline is the summary of the press release. So, creating a twenty-word summary of a 300–500-word press release is complex, with every bit of detail that you must watch out for without ruining the quality of your work. 

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