The Book Industry Is Not Dying; It Is Thriving

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Perhaps you have heard that books are a dying out form. Walk into any bookshop, and you will be amazed at how many books are still in the physical format. That is, books are growing, not disappearing.

Even though 24% of Americans did not read a single book in 2017, this does not spell the end of books worldwide. This merely indicates that 76% of Americans have read a book.

Additionally, books are reviving and rising. While small bookshops have been dwindling over the last decade – as big bookstore chains have collapsed – the same independent retailers are reviving.

Despite the dominance of online bookstores, the American Booksellers Association claims that its membership has increased every year for nine years, most recently in 2018. Physical books continue to sell well. This is because sales are up 1.3% year over year.

Encourage Reading

Even with these encouraging numbers, it is clear that not everyone is a reader. And, to be honest, that’s OK. Nonetheless, we must do all possible to promote reading, particularly when it comes to literature. Connecting lesser-known, younger writers with enthusiastic new readers who haven’t found them yet are one method to do this, and it is one of the National Book Foundation’s objectives. Additionally, publishers, public libraries, bookshops, and non-profit groups devoted to literature and reading have some impact.

The Importance of Storytelling

Storytelling is an integral part of all civilizations. It occurs in a variety of languages and story forms. Stories assist us in making sense of the world, and some of the most famous myths and tales have to do with explaining the universe or providing us with heroes to respect and strive to imitate. That is why books continue to exist and thrive.

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