How the Brain Processes Information in the Era of eReaders

Do you own a tablet or a gadget of a similar nature? Even if you own many e-readers, the likelihood is that you still engage with physical books, periodicals, and newspapers.

After all, these ink-and-paper stalwarts have always been with us, even as digital methods of storing and consuming our reading materials gain a larger market share. Despite the rise of e-readers, the paper continues to have a stronghold. As a result of this, one critical issue arises: how does the brain read in the age of e-readers?

Here is how the brain processes information in the Era of eReaders:

The Overlapping of Text and Language

Whether we read books or e-readers, the reading experience is the same. We scan a page for information and assimilate it. The text is a physical representation of the abstract concept of language in our minds. After all, spoken languages evolved long before the technology and abilities of reading and writing.

Reading Is Critical, E-Reading Is Critical

When we read something, we hope to acquire or learn something. However, always remember to safeguard your eyes regardless of how you choose to read your next bestseller novel, memoir, or your own personal writers’ diary.

Changing Our Mentality

Science investigates everything; therefore, it’s unsurprising that several scientific studies converge on a single elusive conclusion: screens alter the way we think about reading.

Any screen time is more taxing on your attention than staring at a piece of paper for the same length of time. It appears as though individuals make less effort to read when something is on a screen rather than a paper.

Typical techniques include surfing, skimming, and looking for specific information rather than reading the text line by line. While you may be unfamiliar with the term metacognitive learning regulation, it governs your attitude to reading.

You might establish a goal for a particular paragraph, attempt to digest less understandable sections, then check to see whether you comprehend what you read. Reading is an unwritten bargain between consumer and producer, so your preference for an e-reader over a piece of paper may not be your own.

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