Should You Start An Author Blog?

There is no definite solution, only a possible one. If the main reason you’re thinking about starting a blog is that someone told you to, and you’re already exhausted, then blogging is not for you. But if you’re really excited about it, it might be.

Blogging has both positive and negative aspects for all users, but especially for writers. In this post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of starting a blog, so you can decide which option is best for you.

What Does Author Blog Mean?

A blog is written by a published author with the intention of building a loyal following. It’s not about the blog; it’s about building an audience, expanding your reach, and selling more books.

Author Blog Pros 

Writing Consistently

Writing consistently is one of the most important skills an author can acquire, and a blog can help with that. A popular blog never takes a break. For this reason, maintaining a regular posting schedule on your author blog is only possible if you give it your whole attention. If you ever decide to write a book, this is a talent you might find useful.

Blog About Your Work 

Some nonfiction authors may even choose to discuss their books in a blog format. You can use your blog entries as a blueprint for your book if you cover a wide range of topics and offer helpful advice. Next, you can delve even further into your book’s subject. Since your story has essentially been published once you’ve written it, blogging fiction or memoir isn’t as effective. Most publishing houses require first publication rights, which you already possess.

Sales Volume and Visits to Websites

If you sell books directly from your website, increasing your traffic by blogging is a tried-and-true strategy for doing so. Google likes updated, regularly-changing websites best, and the more pages your site has, the better your rankings will be. For authors who regularly post about literary topics, guest posts on other authors’ blogs can be a great way to gain exposure to a wider audience.


A blog written in your own name might do the same for your credibility as an author. It’s especially important for writers of nonfiction to keep this in mind. To boost the chances that readers will choose your book when they need more in-depth guidance, you can use a blog to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities.

Keeping a blog can help you build an audience for your books while you write them, and this is especially true if your blog is focused on your nonfiction book. By keeping a blog, readers can learn more about you as a writer and gain respect and trust in your work.


Writing blog posts on a regular basis provides you with content for emails you may send to your audience on a regular basis. To keep your readers informed that you are consistently publishing content, you can send them a sample or the entire post by email.

The blog you create could possibly lead to a business partnership. If you keep a blog as a writer, you never know who might stumble across it, be it an agent, editor, or publisher. 

Author Blog Cons

Takes Time

Author blogs vary greatly in quality. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that blogging takes time away from writing. If you’re an author and you want to keep writing, a blog is a great method to do so, but it may not necessarily be for the sake of finishing a book. The majority of authors already have a hard enough time finding uninterrupted time to write without taking on yet another commitment.

Consistency is a Must

Blogging on a consistent basis is essential if you want to see results and increase your website traffic. Once a month, at the very least. Get a fresh article up at least once a week.

 If you don’t, if you only write once a week for a few months, your website will look stale and unmaintained. This means that visitors to the site won’t be able to buy any books.

Publishing Rights

Publishing your book on a blog, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, is the same as publishing it. If a story can be found on the internet, it has been published. Most publishers now insist on exclusive first publishing rights, which can no longer be sold. Both mainstream book publishers and literary magazines face this problem.


In addition, there is a great deal of competition for your author’s blog’s audience due to the current state of the internet. Gaining readers for your site will be a slow and steady process. One can promote their work in a more timely and effective manner. 

Many advertising strategies need financial outlay, while others let you choose between cash and time. You should carefully consider whether or not you have enough spare time to devote to a blog.

Writing an author blog is time-consuming and will probably not pay off. Those who blog for a living often devote their whole waking hours to the activity. As an added complication, breaking into the lucrative niche of blogging is significantly harder now than it was even only a few years ago. In conclusion, do you write books or write a blog? We think you know the answer if you’re thinking of starting a blog for authors.

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