Quantum Discovery Book Recommendations For the Holidays

Giving books as presents is a great approach to make reading a more central part of your holiday traditions. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive way to take part in a book exchange with neighbors and relatives or want to send a nice gift to a friend who has moved across the nation, this is a great option.

Here are five books that quantum discovery recommends for the holidays:

25 Days to Living Your Happiness: Third Edition

This book will guide you through a proven process to help you experience more happiness, joy, and fulfillment in your life. It is a scientific way to remove the barriers in thinking, feeling, and behaving that are holding you back from YOUR BEST LIFE! In the next 25 days, you’ll develop a habit of deliberately applying universal laws that will raise your conscious thoughts, feelings, and vibrations to bring you more permanent happiness, productivity, and success. By engaging in the processes of reading, affirming, and practicing positive behaviors, you will improve your life, personally and professionally.

9.1.1. Complete Guide to Natural Healing

VIE is born of the French Aristocracy, and she is called to be “The door to the Divine,” while as founder and owner of the “The Bio-Institute of Light and Sound since 2003, she was asked to make available this Holistic and Spiritual guide for you at the end of her eighteen months of daily initiation by Archangel Michael. She is a Metaphysical intuitive Light and vibration Healer gifted with the new vibratory transformation frequency, and she works with the Cosmic Doctors and Nikola Tesla. She is the first Aquarius to come with a very different gift that will take over 2,000 years to process. VIE is the author of a series of other books and, she is also gifted with an innate ability to speak the language of the Light. Her therapeutic CD is called “Frequency of Sound.”

Accidental Christian: A Novel of Forgiveness

For all her eighteen years, Amber had wondered where her mother was and if she would ever return. Now, finally, Gram came to her room to tell her that Miriam had called and was coming home. “When?” Amber asked. “Tomorrow,” Gram said. Then Amber asked the real question. “Why?” And Gram answered, “Miriam told me she is coming home… to die.”

The more Amber learned of the circumstances of her mother’s absence, the more cheated and betrayed she felt. Miriam had not only ruined Amber’s past; she was now taking Amber’s dreams to the grave with her. There could never be a happy ending for Amber and her long-awaited mother. How could Amber ever forgive the selfish choices this woman made? It was cruel and unfair to even ask. As Amber struggled with forgiveness, she discovered faith and the truth of Mother Teresa’s words: “People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. For you see, in the end, it was between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

Sharon started her spiritual journey later in life, but she has had a love of writing all of her life. Her faith and love of writing have melded in this, her second Christian-based book. This book started with the title and then poured out onto the pages. Sharon grew up in rural Vermont but has happily spent most of her adult life in Florida. To escape the confines of a career in the contractual atmosphere of insurance claims and underwriting, she has been grateful for the gift of creative writing.

Alleluia: Poetry, Lyrics and Prose Intended to Draw You Closer to Jesus

The best words come from the heart, and I must say Jesus is in my heart. I wrote this book because I know Jesus is Profound and very much worth proclaiming. And I hope to let others know about him and the Trinity.

If even one person gets it-

The message in this book. 

It will all be worth it.

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