25 Days to Living Your Happiness: Third Edition


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This book will guide you through a proven process to help you experience more happiness, joy, and fulfillment in your life. It is a scientific way to remove the barriers in thinking, feeling, and behaving that are holding you back from YOUR BEST LIFE! In the next 25 days, you’ll develop a habit of deliberately applying universal laws that will raise your conscious thoughts, feelings, and vibrations to bring you more permanent happiness, productivity, and success. By engaging in the processes of reading, affirming, and practicing positive behaviors, you will improve your life, personally and professionally.

Dr. Zayd Abdul-Karim, known as “Dr. Z,” is a leader in transformative learning for personal growth and professional development. He is a Trainer, Certified Life Coach, and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of “Engage! To Create Super Performance and Profitability.” Zayd is a Catalyst for Growth and Inner Peace who serves to increase fulfillment, happiness, and productivity.

Dr. Z provides customized solutions to self-leadership development and increasing productivity, self-confidence, and self-esteem. He finds unique solutions to help individuals deal with their dysfunctions that cause mental, emotional, and physical stress, which lowers productivity. His message of positivity, happiness and super leadership inspires people to feel empowered, develop a growth mindset, and achieve meaningful goals. For more information, visit www.universalselfleadership.com.


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