2 Books You Need to Read Right Now!

If you find yourself asking, “What book should I read next?” then you need not worry because we have you covered. This list is loaded with fantastic books that you should read, so let’s jump right into it.

Recalling Past Life

This booklet is grown from careless, partly lost notes that had been sent to relatives and classmates several years ago. It dates back to an era before the flood and pandemic, and war struck worse than ever. Retired because of my poor eyesight, my interest in literature had awakened, and the exchange seemed worthwhile once more. Thus this little booklet has still been gathered. This English translation has been corrected and slightly extended. The older German version is available as an audiobook, together with some music. My heartfelt thanks go to everyone involved. 

Franz Rothe graduated from high school in Karlsruhe and studied mathematics, physics, and music there. He graduated with a diploma in Mathematics from E T H Zürich and a doctorate in Tübingen.

After some life changes, a professorship at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, USA. In addition, Rothe and pianist Thomas Turner have also developed a repertoire of classical music for flute and piano and recorded and released three CDs. This collection also contains several of their transcriptions.

Amazon: https://a.co/d/2eJVxSv

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/41j0ViY

Loving them From A Distance


The day Angel left, it tore Kate’s world and heart apart. Kate goes on a hunt for her estranged daughter after three years of no communication. Not knowing whether your daughter was well or where she was killing Kate and her new husband. While on her road trip, she relives their lives from the time her daughter Angel was placed into her arms. She found more than she had bargained for when she found her daughter. 

Angel was sick and had a daughter of her own, and she was expecting her second child. Kate was beside herself, all the time she had lost with her daughter and the grandchildren she never knew she had. Kate had done the only imaginable thing she could think of, and she put her life on the line to save her daughter, and she hoped to rebuild a relationship that once was so powerful she would never have believed that someone or anything would have come between them. 

Would her daughter understand the love her mother has for her, would there be forgiveness, or will it be a reunion just to say goodbye? Kate had done the one thing that she had gotten good at over the last three years, and that was praying. Would God walk with her this time, or would he leave her to fix this on her own? 

This is a must-read!

DARLEEN TURNER lives in a small Alberta town. She came from a very large family of twelve. Her family members supply her with all the tools she needs to write a great story. Contact her through turnerdarleen1@gmail.com.


Amazon: https://a.co/d/ia9jntP

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/41j0ViY


The concept of past lives and love is an intriguing one, and there are many theories about it. Some say that we have lived multiple past lives and that the connections we feel with certain people and places may be due to memories of past lives. Others believe that our previous relationships may have an impact on our current ones. 

There are also those who think that we are each connected to the same soul mate throughout our many lifetimes. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they believe, and to explore the possibilities of past lives and love.

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