‘Loving them From A Distance’ by Darleen Turner

Feel A Mother’s Love in Darleen Turner’s ‘Loving them From A Distance’

A moving tale of maternal devotion and selflessness


‘Loving them From A Distance’ will make the readers be able to sense the deep, unconditional love the mother has for her children, even when they are apart. 

Kate’s world and heart broke apart the day Angel left. After three years of silence, Kate decides she must find her missing daughter. Kate and her new husband were devastated by their inability to know whether or not their daughter was safe and sound. Along the way, she reminisces about her life with her daughter Angel from the moment she was born. When she finally located her daughter, she discovered much more than she had anticipated—Angel, a mother to a healthy daughter, was pregnant with her second child.

After realizing how much time she had lost with her daughter and grandchildren, Kate became hysterical. Kate had done the only thing she could think of, risking her life to save her daughter, and now she hoped to restore a bond so strong she had never thought it possible to be broken.

If they reunited, would her daughter finally comprehend her mother’s love for her, would there be forgiveness, or would it just be a tearful farewell? In the past three years, if there was one thing Kate had mastered, it was praying. If she tried again, would God be there to help her, or would she have to figure out a solution on her own?

Turner’s story is a beautiful reminder of the unconditional love and support that a mother can provide her daughter, even from a distance.

A must-read tale where the mother’s love for her daughter shines through, even when they are separated.

About the Author

DARLEEN TURNER lives in a small Alberta town. She came from a very large family of twelve. Her family members supply her with all the tools she needs to write a great story. Contact her through turnerdarleen1@gmail.com.

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