Author Testimonial: Sharon M. Jones

Telling a tale isn’t simple; putting that story into words is much more of a challenge; and then there’s the mountain to climb of sharing that story with the world. We are cognizant of this, and we are also cognizant of the fact that stories and talent are everywhere; all storytellers need is a fitting venue from which to share their tales. And we at Quantum Discovery hope to play a role in that connection.

“My experience working with Quantum Discovery Literary Agency has been an exceptionally pleasant one.

My agent, Chris, has been a wonderful agent, very personable, and easy to talk to. The team at Quantum Discovery has supported my efforts all the way, and we have collaboratively worked together to support my goals.”

At Quantum Discovery Literary Agency, we go to great lengths to understand and meet the needs of our client authors.

“What made this experience stand out for me was the way the team efficiently communicated with me whenever there were changes or updates to my book, from beginning to end. I also received my book copies in a timely fashion.

My assessment of the skill and professionalism of Quantum Publishing Literary Agency is outstanding.

They are very respectful and listen to my thoughts and concerns.”

Witnessing our client authors’ joy as they celebrate their book’s release is truly rewarding.

“I would recommend Quantum Discovery Publishing Agency for my friends and associates publishing needs.

Thank you, Quantum Publishing Literary Agency, for crossing paths with me.”

Clients’ comments and recommendations help us grow as a literary agency, and we highly appreciate that, but we believe our clients’ creativity is the driving force behind the exceptional quality of their stories. To reach a worldwide audience, AT QUANTUM DISCOVERY, WE SIMPLY AMPLIFY THEIR IDEAS.

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