“My autobiography by Joe Biden” by J. Galt Escort is Recognized by The US Review of Books

Great stories will always be noticed and appreciated. However, not many truly understand the meaning of that. Great stories come from great authors. How can you say that an author is great, though? 

Well, there are a lot of criteria that fit a great author, but one thing that really defines a great author is to be able to convey their message properly to their readers. Although it seems easy, sometimes authors get swayed away by creativity that they forget the true intentions of their stories. 

As an author, it is essential to find the balance between creativity and your idea because when the balance breaks, then the story can make a huge turn from its original purpose. 

Stories that deserve appreciation will be seen and appreciated. In the publishing industry, The US Review of books is a big achievement for any author because, With thousands of readers who get their free monthly book review, The US Review of Books is able to introduce authors to expert reviewers and spread the word about their books. That alone is amazing because with your book getting reviewed by those experts and given great reviews, it will drastically increase the viability of your book. 

Book review by Mihir Shah

“But, I have to admit, no other boys could fart like him…. Like Jose used to say to us after mass, ‘Fart is an art.'”

Written in an undeniably satirical tone, the author has reprised the role of President Biden and penned his version of an autobiographical account. Though jabs abound, and there is little doubt about who the target audience is, the delivery comes across as less harmful and playful than it often is in similar political satires. Even praises of Biden, such as “is he possessed or just truly a genius,” are quickly flipped into references such as him being the “black hole” of humanity.

“My autobiography by Joe Biden” by J. Galt Escort was selected by this platform and given a thorough review of the book. This achievement is an excellent representation of how an author can be appreciated by writing stories that convey the messages they want to the readers. 

Quantum Discovery is honored to share this achievement with the author, J. Galt Escort . We are delighted to see the success of his book come to fruition, and for that, we are thankful that we have been chosen to publish his book. 

Read the full review here: https://www.theusreview.com/reviews-1/My-Auto-Biography-by-Joe-Biden-by-Eric-Wentz.html

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