My Auto-Biography by Joe Biden: Based on a True Story, Mostly


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In the picaresque tradition of Don Quixote and Huck Finn, J. GALT, ESCORT leads us on an adventure of the knightly news and views of American politics, its corruption at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, influence peddling oligarchs from Kiev to Moscow, and America’s own homegrown stooges and Quislings. From the sellouts in our own Department of Justice, J. GALT critiques a blinded Lady Justice who can neither see criminality in plain view nor read the braille rendition of our nation’s laws as she is too busy winking at them. J. GALT does this all with humor, wit, research, farce, buffoonery, and a knack for parody that will leave even his erstwhile antagonists laughing, sighing, cringing, frowning, and denying until they cry uncle and admit it’s all true. Read and enjoy while simultaneously writhing in the discomforting political satire in which the author warns us of America’s peril at the hands of provocateurs at home and abroad. America today is in the throes already of a slow-motion Pearl Harbor orchestrated by the so-called “elites” who want nothing more than to destroy what past generations worked to enjoy. Wake up and read before it is too late!


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