How Authors and Book Publishers Utilize Advanced Reader Copies

Advanced reader copies are an almost finished form of a current publication that is dispersed to experts (such as bloggers and reviewers) who read it before print. These pre-press copies grant them to read the work before its issuance date so their reviews can correspond with the publication’s debut.

The authors and publishers that self-published employ advanced reader copies in a number of ways:

Book Reviews

One of the successful ways to develop word-of-mouth and to establish the credibility of an author’s book is to encourage the target audiences to read it and drop a review online. An author may opt to distribute advanced reader copies to significant reviewers, this may ensure that their book’s review is published in time for release. It is highly recommended that in order to guarantee enough time, the author should do research on the publications they want to submit- as they have their own specific submission requirements. Originally it took three to six months to distribute advanced reader copies, but with the introduction of Interned media and electronic advanced reader copies, the lead time may be much shorter.

Make the Reader More Excited

Everybody enjoys receiving free items and this exactly the type of enthusiasm that is engendered by providing advanced reader copies to individuals before the release of the book. Self-publishers and book publishers may promote their books on social media by conducting giveaway contests. It is easy to generate a giveaway on sites like Goodreads and making advanced reader copies available to potential readers-helps generate reviews and strengthen the author’s connection with the audience.

Build Rapport With Bookstores and Libraries

Advanced reader copies are used to persuade retail and library officials to stock a book. Traditional publishing companies often send hundreds of advanced reader copies for this reason. Self-published authors may use this method to boost their chances of getting stocked in a store.

Increased Book’s Effectiveness

While the main purpose of advanced reader copies is to market books, another benefit is to get reader feedback prior to publishing. This allows time for adjustments and additions if reader assessments and comments show a substantial flaw in the material. By making the necessary changes suggested by reputable sources, the author may publish the best version of their book that will be well-beloved and received by the readers.

Self-publishing and traditional companies may use advanced reader copies to produce reviews and build anticipation for the launch of an author’s book. Learn more about self-publishing and traditional publishing by clicking here.

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