‘Heart of a Woman’ by Virginia C. Mckinley

Embark on a Journey of Self-heal and Falling in love in ‘Heart of a Woman’ by Virginia C. Mckinley

An empowering tale of self-discovery and romantic awakening


‘Heart of a Woman’ by Virginia C. Mckinley is an unpredictable journey full of romantic tension, thrilling conflicts, and exciting challenges.


Callie Mason is one of the two main characters in this novel. She’s uprooted from her small town and headed for the bright lights of New York. She is a scorned woman mending the wounds of her recent heartbreak. She would not have guessed that during her day in the Big Apple, she would meet a man she would initially write off as “just another Joe,” only to learn that he was actually someone very different from who he claimed to be, but someone very different indeed.


Johnny Parker, the other main character, is trying to wine and dine Callie, and even though they would have only known each other for a short time, she is not so easily persuaded. He has set his sight on Callie and is doing all he can to win her over, but the effort to capture her heart may take some time. It is an adventure that can never be predicted with love, action, and suspense.


Trace the path of love and loss taken by the characters to gain insight into  a woman’s heart.


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About the Author


Virginia C Mckinley is an author of different genres. She is a novelist and also an author of poetry and inspirational books. Born in the Midwest, she achieved her Undergrad Degrees and also a Master’s in Business Administration. It was her sophomore year in high school when her English instructor informed her that she had writing abilities. She is an International Radio Evangelist and has been a person of faith most of her adult life. She has six adult children and grand and great-grandchildren. She is looking forward to doing a sequel to Heart of a Woman as her next endeavor.


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