What is the Purpose of Stories?

What is the Purpose of Stories?

There are countless reasons why people write stories, and that is also the purpose of stories. These include inspiration, knowledge, message, or entertainment.


Writers write stories with a purpose, and mostly it is to inspire people. These stories are usually success stories of people who became successful. Sometimes these stories are based on the real-life experiences of the author or someone they know that inspired them to write the story.

Writing for inspiration is expected because people want others to be successful, so they decide to write something that motivates them to be successful.


Some people will surely disagree about this, but hear me out. Some stories have information most of us will surely not know unless we have read that particular story that has that information.

Blending some facts into stories is an effective way of learning because many people find studying boring. Still, as we observe those people who read a lot, they gain knowledge about certain things. They remember it clearly because the writer gave that type of information a life, and thus readers find it entertaining, making it easier to understand and learn.


The message the writers usually give is the lesson learned in a story. The writers want to convey the message through stories so that the readers know and fully understand the message that they want to share.

The messages expressed in the author’s stories are meaningful and would have a significant effect on the readers because those messages are full of things that the author wants to say.


A lot of stories are for entertainment; well, this is expected. A lot of people like to read for enjoyment, so it would not be a surprise. These books are what people call an escape from reality.

These stories give readers a way to relax, enjoy what they are reading, and not think about reality, even for a moment in their lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or nonfiction. What’s important is that the reader finds it entertaining because everyone has a different taste in stories that they find interesting.

The purpose of stories affects the whole story, so it is essential that the author be able to fully convey it for the readers to understand their purpose.

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