What Is A Sensitivity Reader?

There is a considerable debate in the writing world regarding sensitivity readers; therefore, what is a sensitivity reader? What is the function of a sensitivity reader? Learn more about sensitivity readers by reading this page.

A sensitivity reader is simply someone who embodies an experience or culture that the writers or authors lack. Suppose the author or writer wishes to write from the viewpoint of another culture or experience. In that case, it is prudent to enlist the assistance of a sensitivity reader to ensure that you are telling a nuanced and authentic story about this culture or experience.

How to Become A Sensitivity Reader?

The following are the characteristics of a sensitivity reader:

Marginalized Group

They must possess a unique niche in which they have the expertise and will concentrate their efforts.

Sample Marginalized Groups:

  • Asians
  • African-Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Muslims
  • Jews
  • Hispanics
  • Middle Easterners
  • Disabled Individuals
  • Interracial Couples
  • Foster Children
  • Foster Parents
  • LGBTQ Individuals
  • Fat or Plus Size Individuals
  • Mentally Ill

Making A Mark

A sensitivity reader has seen books, advertisements, tweets, or films that insult particular groups of individuals and are shocked that no one else has noticed. They wish to assist those who seek their guidance and feel they can make a difference.

Possess Relevant Experience

They have identified their strengths and realized they have something unique to offer. They have personally encountered racism, prejudice, and other forms of discrimination and will utilize their experience to assist others in writing.


They are mindful of the fact that they are not censoring anything. Other writers or authors approach them voluntarily and seek guidance from them as a source of information and expertise. They are aware that they provide advice based on personal experience and knowledge; it is up to the writer or author to decide whether to modify their project. They also recognize that they are only another resource in the writer’s toolbox.

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