Warrior Life: Rise of a Legend by Rohan Golding

An Epic Tale of Valor and Extraordinary Cleverness, Rohan Golding’s ‘Warrior Life: Rise of a Legend’

A thrilling, multi-faceted read


As the series continues, Rohan Golding deepens the mystery behind human depravity and exploitation in Warrior Life, Book 2.

In this story, we follow a former ghetto soldier who has made a smooth and startling shift into the life of an uncompromising fugitive. Down in the ocean, in a futuristic submarine, he rules an empire while evading formidable enemies who want to see him dead.

G-Money’s quick mind, and keen reflexes make him an extremely dangerous adversary. As a result of his illegal exploits, he has been known as a fantastic outlaw rap star. His enemies, which include the most powerful government in the world, are always on the alert for him and poised to strike at the first sign of trouble. As usual, however, G-Money is considerably ahead of the curve.

Golding tackles age-old global challenges with a deftness that could only be achieved by a talented novelist like himself, and this talent will become increasingly obvious as the story progresses.

This gripping and poignant work is sure to captivate readers as a result of the uninhibited expression of true feelings and the captivating characters that help bring the plot to life.


‘Warrior Life: Rise of a Legend’ is available for purchase in paperback and e-book formats. 

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About the Author

Rohan Golding is a disabled combat veteran with PTSD who is on a journey to complete the task outlined in his first novel in the Warrior Life Series.

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