Take Advantage of Audiobooks- Read these 5 Tips

The usage of audiobooks has been increasing these past few years, which has been due to various reasons (efficiency and usability). We may have a hard time probing which is better between a printed book and an audiobook, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Both have their pros and cons. So take advantage of the audiobook!

Here are the following five (5) tips:

1. Getting Started

Getting started on audiobooks may be overwhelming for beginners, and not knowing where to start can be a big hindrance. But getting started doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to begin a subscription right away. Instead, beginners can opt to start availing of the free audiobooks on YouTube or start availing of the free trial plan on Audible, Scribd, Audiobooks, Kobo, etc., to get an idea of whether to listen to an audiobook is right for you.

Not all individuals are hardwired to listen to audiobooks. Others may say that they cannot get into it or are overwhelmed in listening to audiobooks. This is totally understandable. We all have differences in how we process information, and audiobooks may not necessarily be a thing for everyone.

2. Choosing A Genre

Particular genres need to have a total focus, and choosing a genre for a particular day and time could be essentially necessary. For instance, reading nonfiction books can require more focus and may be harder to comprehend through an audiobook than an actual book. In addition, highlighting facts is crucial in reading nonfiction, which you cannot do through audiobooks.

However, if you choose to read fiction, this can be an enjoyable experience for you. Choose what particular genre best fits you.

3. Selecting the Narrator

Narrators have their way of delivering the book’s message. The enunciation, diction, pronunciation, accent, tone, pitch, etc., vary from person to person and are crucial in understanding the story. Select a narrator that makes you comfortable and can be easily understood.

4. Appropriate Length & Adjust Speed

If you are a beginner at listening to audiobooks, choosing an 11-hour-long audiobook is not ideal. Instead, you may opt to choose an hour or two-hour-long audiobook so you can get the feel of what it is like to listen to audiobooks. Select the appropriate speed that works best for you, whether 1.25x or 1.5x speed.

5. Multitasking

Whether we are cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes or clothes, exercising, playing, commuting, etc., listening to audiobooks is a perfect way to liven our day-to-day activities. Commuting can be a lot of stress for others, especially if there is heavy traffic. Activities can make dull activities enjoyable and lessens the stress we encounter.

Audiobooks will only be appealing to a portion of the population. You may try the tips mentioned earlier, and there are chances that some will not be able to get them. That’s all right! Hopefully, these tips will improve your audiobook experience, whether you have wanted to get into audiobooks or have had problems before.

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