Raising Dawn by Diana Richmond

Raising Dawn by Diana Richmond Depicts a Bitter Turmoil of Parental Rights for a Beloved Child

A testament to the power of maternal love


While many of us may take it for granted, the concept of what makes a parent is not always clear cut. The story of Patty and Karen’s conflicting desires to raise a child in their own way brings up an important question about parenthood—What makes a parent?

Patty’s unexpected willingness to help her sister Karen become a mother by donating her ova results in the birth of a kid that they both wish to raise, although in different ways. Patty’s concerns for her niece’s safety clash with Karen’s desire to foster her child’s individuality. Their unexpected conflict cleaves the family and propels them into an ugly legal battle.

The resulting legal battle highlights the need for a clear set of criteria to determine who should have the final say in parenting decisions. 

Ultimately, the question of what makes a parent may not have a straightforward answer, but it is important to consider all perspectives and priorities in order to make the best decision for the child’s future.

Watch as they strive for their parental rights and see what happens as a result of their struggles.

“A compelling story from an author who is also a prominent family law attorney. Diana draws on her depth of experience to bring the story to life. Diana is an excellent writer and weaves the story brilliantly. A good and provocative read.”

  • Sherrol L. Cassedy, Amazon 

“An unusual subject, well written and an attention keeper. Ms. Richmond knows her field and cleverly constructs the story.”

  • Amazon Customer, Amazon

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