International Day of Democracy: Freedom to Choose

International Day of Democracy: Freedom to Choose

September 15 was marked as the International day of democracy by the United Nations. Until today, the UN urges all governments to promote and uphold the principles of democracy.

When we encounter the word “democracy,” we think of freedom, but why? 

Freedom is the embodiment of democracy. Every person has the right and freedom of thought, belief, political opinion, and the choice to fulfill or not to satisfy the requirements of his chosen religion. Nobody can dominate other views and consciences. The people are free in a democratic country.

It entails that every person has the freedom and right to decide what they do in their daily lives and what they want to do in the future. 

You can take other people’s advice, but you must decide what you want to do or what career path you want to take.

Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer, Engineer, Chef, Writer, and many more. It is your decision which you will go. Whatever path you take, there will always be organizations or people that will help and support you despite your struggles and challenges.

In the Publishing Industry, some organizations will help you achieve your goals. You can choose which publisher or Literary Agency you want to go to. 

Suppose you decide to work with Quantum Discovery Literary Agency. You won’t be dissatisfied with the services you get because the literary agents there ensure that everything is carefully thought out and that your book is in good hands.

We provide only the best services for our authors because we value their trust in us. Also, we appreciate their opinions because we know that they also want what’s best for their book. We give quality services and value our relationship with our clients.¬†

 Having a lot of services like promotion, helping with your book design, or even fixing minor errors you need in your book. To provide those services, and it is your choice which services you want to get.

Quantum Discovery values your freedom, and we want to provide only the best of the services we have for you to achieve and succeed in your goal.   

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