Savvy Me…NOT


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Art Shay: “In a world obsessed with the aggressive explorations of other countries and cultures, it is sheer delight to recommend a classic internal search: “Savvy Me…(NOT)” a Comedy of Errors and Successes is an entertaining tour through the life of a bouncy country girl who developed her passion for music – especially singing- into the esthetic centerpiece of a normal life, – with, alas, many pitfalls -which she conquers with style and pizzazz.

Readers will marvel how, at long last, this empty- nester who had accepted a kind of second-class life at the hands of other people- finds her true self by searching for, finding, then utilizing all her hidden assets- and putting them into play.
This is a talented woman’s story for women- for women who sense there is more to their lives- if only they could tug at the right threads to undo the tangle of their former days.

Judi K somehow manages to inspire in others the feelings she found in herself- and to enrich what she calls her “late in life” overcoming of hardships and obstacles that would have daunted many lesser women.

Having produced more than 60 books over the past half century, I’m happy to recommend “Savvy Me (NOT)” – A Comedy of Errors and Successes to as many of my readers as I can. All you wanna-be late achievers- this upbeat book is for you”! Art Shay: Most recent books :
“Nelson Algren’s Chicago”, “Couples”, “Animals”, “Album for an Age”.

Scott Yanow: “Judi K is a superior swing and jazz singer who is always a delight to hear. Her memoirs, “Savvy Me”- A Comedy of Errors and Successes”, display another valuable skill. She is a colorful storyteller with a strong memory, and she has a memorable story to tell. Her evolution from a young farm girl to a sophisticated singer, and her lifelong battle against her unwillingness to do something for herself as opposed to being a constant caregiver, makes for fascinating reading about universal topics.”-Scott Yanow, veteran jazz journalist and author of ten books including The Jazz Singers

Harry Mark Petrakis: “From a ride on a tractor, to the building of a house, to living on a farm and the taste of newly plucked apples in an orchard, the memoir is precise and poignant in evoking the smells, sights and sounds of a beloved past.” – Harry Mark Petrakis; novelist, short story writer.

Shelley Wruk Finke: ““In recent years Judi K has produced sensitive and intelligent profiles of jazz personalities for the Mississippi Rag. Now she puts her insight — and her trademark sense of heart to use in this memoir from the front lines of personal trial. Every woman who has braved unexpected setbacks will identify with Judi’s journey from joy to tragedy and back” – Shelly Wruk Finke; Scriptwriter, NPR International, “Riverwalk, Live from the Landing” Writer, editor & publisher Jazz E-weekly


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