David Barsky’s ‘The Paraffin Glove and The Dark Genius’

Discover the Sinister Inclinations of a Twisted Intellect in David Barsky’s ‘The Paraffin Glove and The Dark Genius’

A Tale of Malevolent Propensities


David Barsky’s ‘The Paraffin Glove and The Dark Genius’ is a Captivating Tale of Mystery and Human Interaction

Get ready for an unforgettable ride with David Barsky’s Fisher and Goldstein series – a thrilling journey that blends mystery, humor, and romance seamlessly. 

The first story follows detectives Mike Fisher and Amy Goldstein as they respond to a homicide call, but the investigation becomes increasingly compelling as the characters try to uncover the truth. 

In the second tale, Detective Goldstein faces an unexpected predicament that challenges her in every way. Barsky’s writing is inspired by his past experiences, and he delivers a powerful message about human interactions that will leave readers thinking twice about their own actions.

A real page-turner, ‘The Paraffin Glove and The Dark Genius’ is meticulously written, exposing the malevolent tendencies of a wicked mind. As a master storyteller, Barsky keeps the twists coming at every turn, taking readers on an emotional roller coaster and transporting them to an intriguing fictional world that remains faithful to reality. 

You can purchase this gripping mystery novel in paperback format, so don’t miss out on the chance to experience it for yourself.

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About the author

After some encouragement from his close friend Deirdre and a fellow named Jaz, David Barsky made the decision to become an author and use some of his educational experience in behavioral science to produce stories intended to entertain and possibly educate readers.

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