Bo’s Ace by Steven Woods


Prepare to be Enthralled as “Bo’s Ace” by Steven Woods Takes Readers on a Thrilling Ride Through Supernatural Events and Unresolved Mysteries

A Mysterious Tale of Adventure, Loss, and the Unexplained 


Steven Alan Woods, a former finance professional and first-time author, invites readers on an extraordinary journey into the heart of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, in his debut novel, “Bo’s Ace.” Set in the tumultuous year of 1969, this captivating narrative introduces a mysterious mammoth dog that appears out of thin air, sparking a series of bizarre events that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

In the quiet town of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, strange occurrences abound as a mammoth dog mysteriously enters the lives of the Bozell family. The enigmatic canine quickly becomes a part of the Bozell household, but questions linger about its origins and purpose. As events take an increasingly unusual turn, both Bo and his eccentric neighbor, Randy, find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of inexplicable happenings.

Just when the town believes that things couldn’t get any weirder, the colossal dog vanishes without a trace. Bo’s grief is compounded by the fact that his older brother is now missing in action in the Vietnam War. Adding to the intrigue, a vengeful figure named Matt Duncan nurses a grudge against Bo, stemming from a high school wrestling match that ended in embarrassment for Matt.

“Bo’s Ace” is not just a novel; it is a riveting exploration of the supernatural, the unexplained, and the unseen. Steven Alan Woods, the author, retired from the finance department of a major Midwestern newspaper after enjoying a long career in credit management. Remarkably, the story of “Bo’s Ace” was completed in 2004 but awaited divine inspiration before being shared with the world.

Throughout his life, the author has experienced a succession of inexplicable events that have strengthened his belief that the story was genuinely inspired by a higher power. Today, Steven resides in Inkster, Michigan, ready to unveil “Bo’s Ace” to a world eager for the mystical and the mysterious.

“Bo’s Ace” promises to captivate readers with its blend of supernatural intrigue, unexplained phenomena, and unresolved mysteries. As the novel unfolds, it delves into the realms of the unknown and challenges perceptions of reality. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure that will leave you questioning the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural.

About Steven Alan Woods

Steven Alan Woods is a debut author with a career rooted in credit management in the finance department of a major Midwestern newspaper. His first novel, “Bo’s Ace,” explores a world where mystery, friendship, and the supernatural converge in the town of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, during 1969. Inspired by a series of supernatural events throughout his life, Woods finally decided to share his story with the world. He currently resides in Inkster, Michigan, and invites readers to join him on a journey into the unexplained.


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