Author Testimonial for Quantum Discovery: Nicholas Licausi

There is no feeling that can equal the satisfaction and excitement we get from knowing that the services we have provided for our customers have been appreciated. It strengthens our determination to provide a higher-quality service with increased effort and greater consistency. We are overjoyed that Nicholas Licausi, author of The Medical Project,’ has provided an author testimonial for Quantum Discovery, and he has our sincere gratitude.


“Two people I’ll call out that have helped me beyond horizons. One is, my Project Manager. He’s gotten the book out there. Edited, published… you know, helped me in getting it published. It’s out there now. Either in amazon or in several bookstores where you can buy it. And my Literary Agent, who’s given me the incentive to write a couple more books. As she’s also trying to get this book, made into a movie.”


Author Licausi also discussed the ideas and inspiration that led to the creation of his book, which was a highly formative experience for our group.


“The reason why I wrote the book was because of my daughter’s death. I thought that the medical industry could improve in the way they handle certain illnesses. And so, I wrote the book with some ideas on how that could happen.”

“I can’t afford to change the medical industry, but I was hoping that someone with a lot of money could implement what I put in the book, or even the government or the medical industry itself could figure out a way to implement what is in the book.”


He continued by saying that he’d had a great time during the process of creating the book.


“I made it fictional because I wanted to make it interesting to read. And so, it is an action thriller. It takes place in several places where I worked or visited, and so, I tried to make it interesting. I ENJOYED writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it.”


It is always a fascinating fact how every author has come up with the idea for their book and the specific kind of inspiration that fired their motive into commencing the journey to writing.

We at Quantum Discovery are thrilled to share what our authors have to say about our services as well as their writing journeys. In addition to the fact that this bolsters our credibility as a Literary Agency, it also demonstrates that we keep our word when it comes to delivering the commitments we make.

Quantum Discovery will bring your dreams into reality.

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