Advantages of Creating An Author Website

People are opting to remain at home more than ever to discover their next great book. We do not discourage you from utilizing sites like Amazon to market your eBook. Quite the contrary: Quantum Discovery distributes eBooks to various sites to maximize author visibility! On the other hand, simply putting your ebook on these sites is not as personal since they only provide the essentials about your work. However, establishing an author’s website is another matter.

While establishing and maintaining an author website is important for any author, eBook writers have an added motivation to do since they are selling a digital product. Consider this for a moment- eBook users are quite comfortable using the internet since they locate, buy, and download their books. By establishing an online presence, you enhance the chance that one of these readers may discover your work.

What information should an author’s website contain? As is the case with most independent publishing processes, that decision is entirely dependent on the author’s part. While some authors choose a simple, minimalist site with some basic information about themselves and their works (author’s bio, contact information, synopsis, and purchase links), others make the most of the marketing opportunities created by an author site.

The following are some of the advantages that developing an author website may provide:

Building A Brand

Branding is no longer exclusive to Pepsi or Nike; authors or writers have recognized that creating a brand for themselves may benefit them in the same way that a business does. Creating an author website that details your identity as a writer may assist in establishing the name recognition required to sell your books. Maintaining a blog on the topics or genres you write about, the themes that run through your work, and your enthusiasm as a storyteller helps to cement in a reader’s mind why they should care about your book.

Having Followers

The most successful authors or writers have a dedicated readership that has helped them reached the bestseller list. While organic growth is feasible, interacting with your readers through a comments area or contact form on your website is an excellent method to engage a reader in your work. People want the sense of having a personal connection with their favorite author, which is often created through the author’s website.

Direct Sell

It is critical that while establishing an author’s website, you include information on how to purchase the book. However, by integrating a fulfillment provider with your author’s website, you may sell straight to your readers. While Amazon has been and will continue to be critical for independent writers, diversifying your income source is always a brilliant idea. Additionally, independently selling enables you to retain a more significant percentage of your earnings since you are not paying a commission to third-party merchants.

A website is a tool that enables you to provide more information to potential readers about your book and yourself. It does not have to be difficult, and it is certainly not anything to fear. If you are not up for sprinting off the pier and leaping cannonball style, that is okay. Your author’s website may be straightforward. It just takes a few pages to inform readers about your book, who you are, where they can purchase the book, and how to contact you.

If you want to create a more complex website, that is also acceptable! You may use it to share excerpts from your book, create your blog, or update people about upcoming events. It is critical to make your website useful but not overbearing, keep your content brief, and keep your site tidy.

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