A Call Home by Vanessa Goddard

Vanessa Goddard’s “A Call Home” Portrays Divine Grace in the Face of life’s Uncertainties 

A recounting of spiritual direction from a higher power


The literary work entitled “A Call Home” by Vanessa Goddard elucidates the significant impact of a calamity on an individual’s emotional state and how the Almighty and other individuals can serve as a robust source of support.

Human existence on Earth is transitory, as a superior realm awaits us beyond our departure from this plane of existence. As we remain in this context, we will inevitably encounter challenges and difficulties. Despite this circumstance, it is reassuring to acknowledge that, irrespective of our downfall, there will always be a divine intervention to facilitate our recovery.

Vanessa Goddard started to manifest the indications of “empty nest syndrome” subsequent to her son’s departure from home. Notwithstanding this, she managed to discover a glimmer of hope that facilitated her journey through the hazards and darkness of existence.

“A Call Home” centers around a tightly knit Christian family who reunites, albeit in unfavorable circumstances. The individuals in question retrospectively examine their shared lives and contemplate the various positive and negative experiences that have influenced their respective paths toward Christ.

The narrative that impacted numerous individuals due to divine guidance. The narrative of Vanessa Goddard— “A Call Home.”


“I laughed, I cried, and I prayed as I read ‘A Call Home.’ It’s an emotional roller coaster that overwhelms the senses. Vanessa Goddard reveals herself as a master storyteller, weaving an intricate pattern on every page. Find joy in your children as you hold them close, praise God for His guidance, and remember all that is good in this life…”

 -Donna McCartney, Author


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About the Author

Vanessa Goddard is a single mom with grown children. While she was born in Texas, She lived most of her life in Colorado to raise her children. Jesus Christ became her Savior while living in Colorado when the children were young. She has since endeavored to follow God throughout the blessings and hardships life has offered. This has only made her faith grow stronger as she put her trust in God. Now she lives with her dogs, Cush and Buddy.

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