A Boy Becomes A Man by Julian Lorenzana

Overcoming Hardships and Fulfilling Dreams: “A Boy Becomes A Man” by Julian Lorenzana

A Journey of Loss and Coming of Age

“A Boy Becomes A Man,” an inspiring novel by Julian Lorenzana, tells the story of loss, hardships and realizing childhood dreams.

In A Boy Becomes a Man”, an unfortunate event, sets a boy’s life into hardship. Forced to quit school and get a job working as an agricultural worker to help a family of seven, leads him to mature and grow up beyond his age. He seizes the opportunity to migrate to the United States and accomplish his childhood desire of obtaining a decent degree in order to earn better pay and escape the monotonous life of fieldwork. 

A Boy Becomes A Man is a compelling narrative that demonstrates Julian Lorenzana’s ability to create a story that explores the themes of loss and perseverance through hardships. These novel promises to capture readers with its thought-provoking and inspiring tale.

Julian Lorenzana is an author known for weaving intriguing and particularly emotional stories about childhood, dealing with grief and loss, and stories about embracing adulthood. Lorenzana takes readers on an emotional journey that will motivate them to overcome life’s problems.

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About the author:

In 1945, Julian Lorenzana was living in Mexico. He graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a teaching credential. He taught elementary school for forty years and wrote six stories, four of which were published.

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