The Awakening


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Ronnie Broadus was around ten years old when he first became aware of God’s presence in his life. There were four significant seasons during his life when His presence was directing him. God has been very real to the author every since he awakened to this journey that we call life.

THE AWAKENING is about that journey. This book is for everyone, whether you have given your life to Christ and have decided to follow Him, or you are still searching for the answer. The Awakening is specially written for the physically challenged souls of this world, this book should inspire you to never, never, never give up, for it is not the end, but merely the beginning of your journey.

The Awakening will help you understand that there is someone watching out for you, someone who is there for you and holds the key to the answers that you have been seeking. He will show you the way to the life that you are supposed to live. Awaken your spirit and your soul so that you can discover the life and the truth of your being.

Read and absorb The Awakening; it will surely help you to bring Him into your life!


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