A Look Through My Eyes: Unexplainable Ghost Experience: Based on True Events


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When we reflect on our lives, there are pivotal experiences that we keep in our memory. Some are good, some are bad, but there is something about the experience that sticks to our memory banks as if the memory happened yesterday. We all have these memories, and in some strange way, we store these images in our minds and catalog the emotion. This journey started when I was about five years old. That’s when I started experiencing ghosts, paranormal, supernatural, and continues into the present day. Most of my experiences were shared with other people in my family. I realize now the importance of sharing these experiences so that other people can relate, learn, and grow from mutual experiences. As I began to write this work, I would share the many episodes with my family. Some we laughed about, others we hope we never go through again, but the unanimous consent was that everyone still, to this day, could remember each event. We all had/have a different perspective, but despite our many views, many questions remain the same. Some like where these spirits good, or did they intend to do harm? These questions will be left up to you. My goal is to share what I have lived with my entire life. My hope is that as I present the chapters of these experiences so that we might learn.



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