The Journey


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This is The Journey. I have been blessed to be a singer-songwriter since I was a young man. I have played and performed in many places around the world from staying with a Southern Baptist family in a dirt floor home while playing in Mississippi to opening for Bob Hope in the East Room at the White House and all types of venues in between. There have been many incredible incidents, experiences, and stories over these years, and it became apparent to me that if I wanted my grandchildren to ever know the life I led, and who their “Pop“ really was, it was up to me to tell them.

From my early childhood to recent years, all these true tales of the boy I was to the man I am showing the life of my family in music traveling between the Northeast and the Caribbean, and the amazing things that can happen to you living such a life. Even though it was written for the grandchildren, it was pointed out to me that this was something others might find interesting, and even entertaining, so it is being offered to you as well. I hope you enjoy reading these accounts as much as I enjoyed living them.

Dave Gunnip, 2023.


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