Recalling Past Life: About Days Forgotten, Dreams Dreamt, Books Read, and Some Flute Music


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This booklet is grown from careless, partly lost notes that had been sent to relatives and classmates several years ago. It dates back to an era before the flood and pandemic, and war struck worse than ever. Retired because of my poor eyesight, my interest in literature had awakened, and the exchange seemed worthwhile once more. Thus this little booklet has still been gathered. This English translation has been corrected and slightly extended. The older German version is available as an audiobook, together with some music. My heartfelt thanks go to everyone involved.

Keywords: school memories, literary criticism, humor, cat love,
philosophy of mathematics, flute music, dream experience, Kafka.
Genre: entertainment literature, flute literature.

Franz Rothe graduated from high school in Karlsruhe and studied mathematics, physics, and music there. He graduated with a diploma in Mathematics from E T H Zürich and a doctorate in Tübingen.

After some life changes, a professorship at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, USA. In addition, Rothe and pianist Thomas Turner have also developed a repertoire of classical music for flute and piano and recorded and released three CDs. This collection also contains several of their transcriptions.


eBook, Hardcover, Paperback


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